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Charles Lindbergh :: essays research papers

Charles Lindbergh was a man of many accomplishments. In his time, everybody loved him. Charles was well known all over the world. He was a hero, he represented all that could be accomplished in the future. He was a figure for doing what nobody else thought could be done. Lindbergh was one of those people that everyone else wanted to be. Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born in Detroit on February 4, 1902, to Charles Lindbergh, Sr., and Evangeline Land Lodge. Yet, he grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Lindbergh was a whiz with mechanics. By age twelve, he was in charge of driving and fixing the car. In high school, he assembled a tractor from a mail order kit. When he was eighteen he entered the University of Wisconsin to study engineering. He found he was more interested in flying, so after two years of college, he dropped out and became a barnstormer, which was a pilot who performed daredevil stunts at fairs, and airshows. Lindbergh was a favorite among the crowds. People would travel from all different places, even Europe, to come see his daredevil tricks. In 1924 Lindbergh enlisted in the U.S. Army so he could be trained to be a pilot. During this time he was given the nickname “Lucky Lindy'; because he would attempt daredevil stunts with his airplane, and always seem to evade punishment from upper officers. In 1925 he graduated as the top pilot in his class. He soon began working as a mail deliverer between St. Louis and Chicago. Lindbergh soon heard of an offer given in 1919 by a New York hotel owner named Raymond Orteig. The offer was this: the first aviator to fly nonstop from New York to Paris would receive 25,000 dollars. Nobody had succeeded by 1927, and Lindbergh decided he could do it if he had a suitable plane. Remember, in 1919 this was a very scary thing to do! There was no radio on your plane, so if it went down, you could not call for help, and nobody would know where you were. Also, there was no coast guard, no search and rescue teams, so if you crashed, you were dead. He arranged for nine St. Louis businessmen to help him finance his plane. A company in San Diego called Ryan Aeronautical Company was chosen to construct the plane, which Lindbergh helped design. The plane was named "The Spirit of St. Louis". A transcontinental record was immediately set in a test run when Lindbergh flew from San Diego to New York City in

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Diversity at Barclays Bank Essay

There are four top leading Banks in UK, Barclays Bank is one of the leading banks. Barclays Bank considers honest prompting an atmosphere or environment where diversity is highly respected and accepted. Diversity as defined by (Dictionary, 2009) is said to be the reality or standard of being diverse (Rajan Amin, 2003) Says diversity contains personal individuality explained by age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual position. These differences are established and guarded by law. Diversity in workplace can also be viewed has the difference in qualities and attributes in people working in an organisation. Diversity in workplace can have positive influence in efficient and smooth running of an organisation and can cause chaos between the employees if not administered properly. In 1963 Late President of USA, John Kennedy met with the Americans leaders to discuss about (Drachsler, 2013) the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which was made law on June 19 of 1964 to focus on Equal opportunity commission and affirmative action and policies, which made the organisations, focus more on just complying on legislation imposed by law, it moved to another stage during the early 1980s to incorporate minors and women into workforce in the late 1980s it moved from just complying to rules and regulations and focuses more on business survival. In the late 1990s there is much shift from complying to laws and to focus on incorporating women and minors into workforce to including everyone in the workforce to know the differences in each employee in the workforce and to be sensitised about the needs and distinctions of others. Now in this century Diversity has shifted attention to inclusion and diversity to increase the efficiency, profitability, wide scope and all factors that can lead to business success. There are two types of workforce diversity Surface level diversity and deep level diversity 1. Surface level diversity as defined by (Kenneth Price H, 2002) as distinctions to each of more members of a team in an overt demographic feature. It is also said to be the different features in workforce that can be seen and observed such Age, Gender, Religion, and Ethnicity. Marital status was also listed as an factors to be considered as a surface level diversity and all these aforementioned examples of surface level diversity  are quantifiable 2. Deep level diversity is defined as distinctions between values, personality and preferences in work. It also defined by (Kenneth Price H, 2002) as the predetermined distinctions among members of a team’ personalities included psychological characteristics, values and attitudes. They factors here can only be felt and cannot be seen they are qualified they cannot be quantified. There are benefits derived from workforce diversity, In Employee management they make good utilization of talents, improved quality of team problem- solving efforts and strength to attract and retain employee’s organisations benefits. In Strategic problem solving skills such as prospective to improve sales volume and to increase market capital base of the organisation, good ethical behaviours ( knowing the right thing to do) . In Organisational Operation they derive good team spirit among the employees, good problem solving strength and lowering cost that is connected to absenteeism and law suit s. Diversity is a two edged sword (Chrobot-Mason, 2013) which means it has positive and negative advantage. There are challenges to workforce diversity such as communication in multicultural environments has mentioned by (Fatima Oliviera, july 2013) and diversity involves not only how employees see themselves but how they see others. That insight affects the way they interact. (Sreedhar, 2011) Highlighted that there is need for professionals in human resource department to consider and administer effectively with issues of change, communication and adaptability. (CHUA, 2013) Also discussed that as organisations become more culturally diverse, conflicts and tensions are bound to happen among employees or people that are from different cultural backgrounds. With all these above mentioned merits and demerits I think diversity is the management of differences in employees effectively and eliminating conflicts that might arise afterwards. Barclays has the believe that to be among the first four leading banks in the world they need a rock solid diversity and inclusion strategy programme and policy to be in place to give them a huge advantage among their rivals in the banking sector . They started by knowing that the foundation of their success is in the talented people they employ, whatsoever lifestyle, age, personality, religion, race, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Barclays focuses on six principal areas of diversity; Gender- is the most important of Barclays diversity and inclusion policy, promoted by the Barclays executive diversity group and it was aimed at increasing the number of women in the senior roles by doing all that is possible to make women in the organisation fulfil their career potential with Barclays increasing female portrayal to at least 20% by the end of last year and rising more to more than 25% by 2015 at the board level. Recruiting is based on merit, and gender diversity is considered seriously when exerting talents across the globe, from the future leader programmes to the most senior recruit and they do make sure that all those that provide recruitment support, supports the vision to lure in diverse candidates around the world. However, other banks all over the globe have innovated Women’s Initiative Networks but the Barclays Women of the year award identifies talented personal and Professional attainment from female employees globally, as well as identifying male em ployee who champion and be of support to female career development. Disability Barclays has shown commitment to being a disability self- assured organisation. Their aim is to lure more highly expertise people, aid disabilities or health defect by making available the equipment and accommodation that enable their employee to be outstanding. Awareness of employee with disability is giving the Bank to recognise modern ways of making products, service and facilities available to everyone an illustration the organisation run disability listening groups, the forum provides staffs with disability with the chance to meet with high level employee and give materials into calculated transformation to improve the working society. Generational diversity Recognising generational diversity in workplace adds cognitive capital to Barclays bank, which promotes revolutions for employees, clients and the customers of the Bank. Barclays bank manages this by supporting the recruitment process and holding firm an age diverse workforce. Creating a workforce with no age limit on each vacant position at Barclays is set as a goal achievable. Merit is the criteria for any elevation; elevation is open to all employees through a yearly achievement and development review  procedure. They are among just few organisations that have taken the proactive measures to include multigenerational diverse workforce into the employee working tactics, the age employees also believes that skill, strength, capability and accomplishment are the backbone of all good performances, which is making the bank one of the leading banks in the world. Sexual Orientation Barclays has good records to encourage their Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered employees, customers and clients and the Bank have been known worldwide by numerous external establishments, Human Rights Campaign in the US are included. Barclays was at the stonewall workplace equality index (WEI) controlled by the United kingdom’s chief Lesbian Gay Bisexual charity, and they were ranked number three in year 2011 in acknowledgment of the work been done to make sure their workplace, products and services are included. They achieved 100 percent in the 2011 Human Rights campaign corporate equality index in the USA and it 95percent in the UK. Multiculturalism This is a very important tool for organisations in the current global business world, Barclays works with a great cultural diversity sense. Barclays Employees are from all around the globe, the employees throughout the Barclays around the world set a footmark to make up a constantly changing pattern of nationalities, cultures and heritage. The distinctive approaches are immeasurable in making sure the organisation comprehend what the need of their customers and clients all around the world is, and with that they provide expert products and services to meet the needs. More to this is the Cultural Awareness Employee network which brings together employees within all Barclays to make sure the bank continue to find up to date method to examine the world with the motive of evaluating and leveraging differences. CONCLUSION Globalisation has made businesses to see diversity has a must do thing, to be successful in modern day business, diversity in workplace should not be treated as complying to law and regulations, it is now a thing of inclusion  and diversity to increase the efficiency, profitability, wide scope and all factors that can lead to business success. For Barclays Bank, Diversity and inclusion is much more than just complying with the law. It means stating and having an active policy in place to make the very best of their diverse staff to serve the clients, customers and benefit their employee to make them retain the height they are in the business world. RECOMMENDATION Having observed all the analysis of diversity and inclusion it is therefore suggested that the following be done to enjoy more benefits of diversity Minimise inequalities among employee to reduce conflicts among the employee. Training and re training programme on human relation should be put in place for employee to enable the employee to know how best to interact among their contemporary. Change is constant so therefore diversity policies and procedures guide lines should be amended yearly. Bibliography Chrobot-Mason, D. A. N. P., 2013. The psychological benefits of creating an affirming climate for workplace diversity. Professiona and management development training, 38(1059-6011), p. 31. CHUA, R. Y. J., 2013. The costs of ambient cultural disharmony: Indirect intercultural Conflicts in social environment undermine creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 56(0001-4273), p. 33. Dictionary, A. H., 2009. Mifflin Houghton. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 21 01 2014]. Drachsler, D. A., 2013. Supreme court sets high bar for Title vii retaliation claims.. Labour law journal, 64(4-0023-6586), p. 6. Fatima Oliviera, M. d., july 2013. Multicultural Environments and Thier Challenges to Crisis Communication. Business In Communication , 50(0021- 9436). Kenneth Price H, D. H. A. J. G. H. A. F. T., 2002. TIME, TEAMS, AND TASK PERFORMANCE: CHANGING EFFECTS OF SURFACE- AND DEEP-LEVEL DIVERSITY ON GROUP FUNCTIONING. Academy of Management Journal, 45(5), pp. 1029-1045. Rajan Amin, H. S., 2003. The business impact of diversity. Business Source Premier, Issue 0959-5848, p. 1471 Words. Sreedhar, U., 2011. Workforce Diversity and HR Challenges. OB and HRM Department, IBS, Bangalore (Karnataka), INDIA, 4(0974-2611), pp. p33-36.

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The Concert Of The Packed Recital Hall - 1676 Words

In the packed recital hall, an orchestra performs their warmup rituals. The venue boasts of chandeliers, perfect lighting, cushioned seats and richly carpeted aisles leading to the stage on which stands a Steinway grand piano in front of the orchestra. The pianist and conductor mount the stage. The soloist bows while the audience claps. Silence descends on the room and the performer takes a seat at the piano. Strains of beautiful music emanate from the instruments and fill the room. The pianist’s fingers fly across the keys. Amazed, the audience listens in total silence. One of the greatest composers had left his mark on this audience. The piece was the Concerto No.1 in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. He was the greatest composer not just because of that piece but also considering music history, his personal story, his popularity during lifetime, the volume of his compositions, the make-up of his music, and familiarity today. Music history is divided four main time periods. Famous musicians lived and composed masterpieces throughout all four eras. The Baroque period, from 1600-1750, was characterized by ornamented and extravagant pieces. Well known musicians, Bach and Handel, achieved recognition for their choral works during this time. The Classical period spanning from 1750-1825, differentiates from the Baroque period in that music employed strict and simple technique. At the peak of the Classical period, Mozart and Beethoven produced orchestral and instrumental works.Show MoreRelatedDance Performance Review Essay758 Words   |  4 PagesP.1 November 4, 2012 Music14 Music Concert essay Extra-Credit Dance Theater Music Art On the 3 November 2012, my classmates and I were to attend a music dance concert in the Feddersen Recital Hall in Mount San Antonio College. we were being seat in the circle, where I can observed most things from the floor above. The hall is quite a small grand but in simple and elegant way, and with simple lighting. I love it although it is not as large-scale as others performance at Los Angeles downtownRead MoreLangston Hughes Research Paper25309 Words   |  102 Pageswrite Amy Spingarn continued to pay Hughess tuition to Lincoln, but the small royalty checks barely covered his basic needs. Langston became skillful at being invited as a guest to dinners, the theater, and opera in New York City. At a recital in Carnegie Hall, Alain Locke introduced him to a small, elderly white woman, Charlotte Mason, a wealthy widow, who collected African and American Indian art. Her goal was to elevate African [and Native American] culture to its rightful place of honor againstRead MoreStatement of Purpose23848 Words   |  96 Pagesof my dream. It would enable me to work in an environment with people who share similar interests, providing me with an opportunity to contribute to a product that reaches a broad audience of people who subscribe to the magazine, visit Explorer s Hall, or glance through a National Geographic book. It would provide me with the practical experience that would aid me tremendously in pursuing my future goals, and reveal paths I might otherwise never discover. (―Short Personal Statement: Geography.â€â€"

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Nathaniel Gordon Was A Successful Slave Trader - 926 Words

Imagine being taken from your home, forced to board an overly crowded ship, not knowing the destination or what is the future entails for you. This was the case, for countless Africans that endured horrible treatment, as they were ultimately sold into slavery throughout the United States. In 1807, the United States Congress, passed new legislation that made it illegal to import slaves (Finkelman, 2008). This law became effective in 1808, still most people did not believe that importing slaves was considered unlawful. Including a man named Nathaniel Gordon, who was a successful slave trader, that believed himself to be untouchable by the law put forth. He was the mastermind behind taking African slaves against their will, which began their journey of enslavement in the United States. He was eventually captured, put to trial, and ultimately hung for his wrong doings. Nathaniel Gordon was used as an example, for all others that believed they were above the law, and that capturing people with the intent to sell them into slavery would no longer be considered a tolerable act in the United States. Born about 1834 in Portland, Maine, Nathaniel Gordon was deeply engaged as a slave trader (Gordon, 2008). Gordon was the captain of ship Erie that was finally revealed â€Å". . .by the United States steamer Mohican, on the morning of the 8th day of August, 1860; that she was then about fifty miles outside the River Congo, on the West Coast of Africa. . .† (Punishment of a Slave

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Do You Think That the Right to Life Entails a Right to Die...

I am going to answer these two questions in this essay. They are â€Å"Do you think that the right to life entails a right to die under certain circumstances?† and â€Å"Should the laws be changed to grant a universal right to voluntary euthanasia?†. In this essay, I am going to give reasons using ethical theories to justify these questions. Euthanasia Euthanasia is the act of a physician or other third party ending a patients life in response to severe pain and suffering. Euthanasia can be classified into three types. They are voluntary euthanasia, non-voluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia. Involuntary euthanasia is the action that takes the patient’s life without any informed consent of the patient but the patient may want to live.†¦show more content†¦It is a voluntary euthanasia. Utilitarianism tells us that whether an action is right or wrong depends on its consequences and the right thing to do is to promote the happiness of most people. If he has the right to die, it can eliminate the suffering of the person, decrease psychological burden of his family and decrease financial burden of his family and also the society. However, it will increase the suffering of his family. In this case, the amount of the happiness is more than the amount of the unhappiness. Therefore, this action is right in Act Util itarianism of Utilitarianism theory. However, in rule Utilitarianism, this action is wrong because of breaking the Hong Kong’s law. Kantian Ethics tells us the right action is to act from duty. We have moral duties to not kill and not allow to die wherever possible. Moreover, Kantian Ethics is concerned with the act itself but not the consequences. Kant’s theory said people should never be merely means to an end-in-itself. We should never kill someone in order to reduce suffering, or save money. Therefore, non-voluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia are not allowed in this theory. Using the above example, when we has persistent vegetative state that want to die because we have no will in our live, we also want someone intend that others follow our will. So, vetoing a person’s will cannot from a universal law because there is a contradiction.Show MoreRelatedDo You Think That the Right to Life Entails a Right to Die Under Certain Circumstances? Should the Law Be Changed to Grant a Universal Right to Voluntary Euthanasia?1008 Words   |  5 PagesThey are â€Å"Do you think that the right to life entails a right to die under certain circumstances?† and â€Å"Should the laws be changed to grant a universal right to voluntary euthanasia?†. In this essay, I am going to give reasons using ethical theories to justify these questions. Euthanasia Euthanasia is the act of a physician or other third party ending a patients life in response to severe pain and suffering. Euthanasia can be classified into three types. They are voluntary euthanasia, non-voluntary

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Report on System Effectiveness

Question: Write about the Report on System Effectiveness. Answer: Introduction System effectiveness is combined of various significant areas of technical advancement. These features are mainly based on applicability of the system. Agero is one organization that provides network of independent roadside services to their clients ( 2017). This report is elaborating about the system effectiveness of this implemented system architecture. System Effectiveness The system effectiveness is concerned with mainly three aspects related to the system architecture. Henceforth, the system effectiveness is the combination of availability, reliability and quality of the system. Agero has introduced AgeroView its own private cloud for providing their drivers safely maintain, access and upgrade the myriad applications found on smart phones and in-vehicle systems. Availability of System According to Hirschenberger, the product and innovation developer at Agero, AgeroView delivers various benefits to all major stakeholders involved within their automotive chain. This chain combines the vehicle product planners those who needs the new applications as well as contents for increasing the life span of the vehicles. In addition to this, Agero has established relationship with Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) consortium ( 2017). This partnership made their service available to more number of their customers all over the world. Apart from this partnership, to spread their offerings to more number of clients, Agero has started sharing of business operations with M-Way solutions that offers mobile enterprise software for managing the network for independent roadside services ( 2017). Reliability of System The reliability of the system is defined as the probability of success involved within any outcomes from any system. In contrast with these facts, the challenges associated with the manual system needs to be first analyzed in order to find solution for that perspective. Establishment of interoperability and product differentiation opportunities for platform teams are dependent on the cost structure involved within the system development. In addition to this, not only the development of application involved within the cost structure but also the up-gradation and product life cycle is dependent on this ( 2017). Now these factors are not synced with each vehicles i.e. this is not same for all vehicles. Therefore, Hirschenberger has suggested that the new cloud service AgeroView provides every facility that the manual operations cannot provide the driver in order to substantiate their demands and updating the application with respect to demands. Therefore, the application is com pletely reliable for usages over automotive vehicle operations ( 2017). Quality of System The main challenge associated with contemporary system provides lack of interoperability of system architecture among different kinds of vehicles. According to Hirschenberger, they are providing one interface for human and car applications that provides effective user interface changes, vehicle line updates regardless of the vehicle electronics ( 2017). The HMI can be utilized over the vehicles in order to make it more dynamic with respect to various situations. Therefore, from the perspective of quality of system AgeroView is providing good quality of service. Conclusion This can be concluded that the system effectiveness is the combination of system availability, Reliability and Quality. These important aspects involved within the system effectiveness is described with respect to AgeroView, one private cloud provided by Ageor the network provider for independent roadside services. References Agarwal, A., Chapelle, O., Dudk, M. and Langford, J., 2014. A reliable effective terascale linear learning system.Journal of Machine Learning Research,15(1), pp.1111-1133. (2017).Agero Home Page | Agero. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Apr. 2017]. Drummond, M.F., Sculpher, M.J., Claxton, K., Stoddart, G.L. and Torrance, G.W., 2015.Methods for the economic evaluation of health care programmes. Oxford university press. Reynolds, D., Creemers, B., Nesselrodt, P.S., Shaffer, E.C., Stringfield, S. and Teddlie, C. eds., 2014.Advances in school effectiveness research and practice. Elsevier.

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Why Strategic Management Is Important to a Business free essay sample

Why is strategic management important to a corporation? For many years, businesses have been failing and this failure has been attributed to the inability of managers to strategically manage business processes and operations. As a result of these failures, more business managers are paying keen attention to strategic management because of its importance to the continuity of a business. Strategic management is a strategy that is focused on long-term planning within an organization that takes into consideration both the internal and external environment. Strategic management is important to corporations for different reasons, in that, it provides the management with the ability to plan for the future, making the most of a corporation’s competitive advantage, analyzing and neutralizing threats to the corporation. Strategic management involves the set of managerial activities that allows managers to set goals and implement tactics to plan for the future. Corporations have a responsibility to their various stakeholders and their main aim is to make a profit. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Strategic Management Is Important to a Business or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As such, decisions are made that will ultimately benefit the corporation. Managers are aware that there are many forces in the business environment that will impact the corporation and as such plans have to be made in an effort to combat such forces. The government, competitors, employees or customers among others may have or expect certain actions from the corporation, thus, the corporation must take a strategic position in an effort to plan for the future. The corporation will therefore scan the environment to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and develop strategic alternatives to ensure that strengths are a source of competitive advantage and weaknesses are eliminated. Additionally, opportunities can be explored where the corporation may diversify its product offerings and develop strategies to overcome threats. This will allow the corporation to develop a reputation of consistency based on the corporation’s success. This is all involved in the process of strategic management. This strategic position may mean proper, regular and direct dialogue between the various stakeholders and trading partners of the corporation. It may also incorporate detailed analyses of the positioning in relation to markets that may be achieved through independent market research or changes to the strategic plan or goals. Strategic management is also important because it allows a corporation to put a strategy into action. A strategy in this sense is a step by step plan through which a corporation will achieve a stated goal. This can be done through organizing, enabling and managing change. Management will need to organize its resources and deploy technical or human resources to strategic positions to ensure that value is achieved and customers and the society at large benefits from the strategic management process. The strategy that is implemented should be feasible and use the corporation’s resources efficiently. Therefore, the goal to be achieved should be attainable and done within a timely manner. This will ensure that the corporation remains stable in the face of adversity. The corporation should also be sufficiently equipped to manage change. This may come in the form of new government regulations or standards or new methods of operation that requires technical changes. The corporation should be poised to deal with such changes by foreseeing trends in the environment and adapt measures to ensure that a competitive advantage is maintained. As such, risks can be determined and acted upon. Strategic management is also important to the corporation for making strategic choices. Management should make decisions that facilitate change at different levels within the corporation. They should ensure that they benefit from corporate level strategies that oversee the overall operation of the business through the implementation of s strategy to achieve company goals and objectives. Secondly, in this case, management should formulate business level strategies which will allow the corporation to achieve its corporate level strategy. These business level strategies will be better able to use up the corporation’s competitive advantage and implement a proactive approach which will enable the corporation to seize opportunities available in the external environment. The corporation will also be better able to formulate development strategies or procedures or methods of operations. Because of threats brought on by competition or economic and social factors, the corporation may need to change its mode of operation or processing. It may mean training of workers or a different product offering. Whatever the change required, there should e a strategic plan in place to ensure the longevity of the corporation and the achievement of corporate goals and objectives while carrying out its corporate social responsibility. It is important therefore that strategic plans are made known to stakeholders and approved where appropriate. Additionally, there should be a monitoring system to ascertain the progress of the strategy t o determine if it is in line with achievement of strategic goals. Finally, stakeholders should be made aware of all relevant information to be had from the corporation. There should be no embellishment of the truth. In concluding, good strategic management is important to corporations because it allows managers to choose a strategic position, put a strategy into action and make strategic choices. It therefore will determine higher organizational performance especially when strategic goals are achieved. It will also require managers to examine and adapt to business environmental changes so as to maintain a competitive edge. This will help in coordinating diverse business units in an attempt to focus on organizational goals and provide involvement in the managerial decision making process.